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Updates, replacing pencils with inked pages
The computer! It taunts me to waste more time on the internet! My set up really does look like this, I've got two monitors hooked up to my little G4. One is a flat screen and the other is a CRT. I usually use the CRT only for color correction when I do comics for print so I'm mostly using the flat screen for everything else.

HPB stands for Half Blood Prince... HP stands for Harry Potter and LJ really does love me.

I do this a lot. I'll write up some sort of comment or entry and then never post it. I like to think it makes the internet bearable but it causes me to not really interact that much. I end up not posting nice things either because I feel I sound silly or random or something. =[

Most of the time I just force myself to send it and sound like an idiot. The opinion stuff I tend to keep to myself though.

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