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Updates, replacing pencils with inked pages
Possible T-shirt design... This was something I'd been messing around with for a t-shirt. Because who doesn't love Doubt eating a taco?

Not sure if there would be enough demand for me to print a shirt though. So I thought I'd throw this out here and see what you guys thought of him. Also I'm running out my backlog of My Muse comics. I need to get back to work making more of them.

Also, Does he need like a word balloon or something... I keep think he should to be saying "Taco!" but then I think about it and that seems really really random. Other problems included me wanting to put a piece of text below him but the idea for said text broke down to the word "Tacos!" or "Doubt loves Tacos" neither of which makes any sense. Snicker, Maybe I should just run it without anything.

Anyway, there it is. Throws it out and ducks and covers. Right now there are no plans for a T-shirt since they are expensive to make but here this is. Maybe T-shirts later? Hides.

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J Hall (gooble482) says:

T- shirt = :)

keep it simple and only put names/words on sleeves. logos can either be on a sleeve or on the back

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