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Diana Sprinkle is getting older but still likes to draw charcters getting set on fire for no real reason other then it's funny. She write and draws both of the comics up right now and bought this webspace to make herself draw more comics. She hopes to post Saiko and Lavender a long, 120 page graphic and 30 page comic that can be bought off her website. Looky here to buy Saiko and Lavender. Whee.

Michael Vega is younger then Diana but is like an old man in all ways but art in which he is a mad machine... I don't really know what I be typing but with this gun against my head I must continue. Anyway he helped both write and draw Saiko and Lavender the comic.

Both Mike and Diana have websites at Ghostcircles. That's why this is called Ghostcircles comics.

No death!
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