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Saiko and Lavender, The Webcomic

Updated Every Thursday
Quote of the day:

That's nice. And what about the smell?
Damn it, I think I'm all sick and all of my cold medicine is day stuff most of which will keep me awake. This year has been year of the colds with odd symptoms. Either that or I'm playing more attention to stuff I never noticed before. I weep...

Anyway about the page...

Heh heh, we said, satanic! Lavender says "Hey!" off to the side in Panel 1. It looks hard to read...

The term I use for the wacky small side comments that don't have balloons is "asides" and I first register seeing them in "Gold Digger" by Fred Perry. Apparently, I use them way too much because my work was remembered based on them. They didn't know my name or the comic's name but they remembered I liked to have the funny word things off to the side of the character. They didn't have a word to describe it either. So, here's mine:

Asides-- A funny, angry, or mumbled comment that is said by a character. Usually in a smaller font shown off to the side without a word balloon.

Off to the side of panel 2 it says "Grrr! I say!"

On page 3 at the bottom it says: "Super Dramatic Special FX! Whee!" Also yeah, Fetch lost his hand there. But not to worry he'll be okay! What with this being a super advanced magical society. =D Right?


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This comic was originally published as a 5 issue mini-series published by Anti-Ballistic Pixelations the fine people that do Gremlin Trouble. Then a one-shot special for Halloween was publish by the nice guys at Radio Comix who do such fine wonderful comics as Furrlough. The 5-issue mini-series was also then collected by Radio Comix as well. They sure are swell.

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