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Saiko and Lavender, The Webcomic

Updated Every Thursday
I be pointy! It's the arrival of the poisonous Pygmy Elephants. Also Saiko shows up and she's really fast.
Saiko shows up and catches jars because she's pretty quick and Lavender's really messy. Lavender brews a potion as well, watch close I think this is one of the only times you get to see her do this...

Also Poisonous Pygmy Elephants! They are tiny vermin kind of like pigeons except without the eating of cigarette butts. If you get an infestation of Poisonous Pygmy Elephants big enough, like what Lavender has here, they'll band together in large enough groups to take down large animals like Walruses, wasps, and bears. Humans don't stand a chance.

Thankfully Pygmy Elephants have a psychological aversion to eating things that move. So they must first use their poison darts to paralyze their prey. So if you notice a group closing in on you moon walk away from them. Don't stand there like the guy in panel 3. Pygmy Elephants roam in pairs and groups of 3-10 but can roam in groups of 50 or 100 or even 500. Oddly they all tend to work together even when different tribes and even when much larger groups come in contact.

Pygmy Elephants can also speak however grammar seems to be a bit difficult for them. Their vocabulary though is quite good. They can be heard holding conversations which range from the eating of flesh to what the grass looked like outside. They tend to be indoor pests as much as possible and most people are unsure how they come to infest a place when you almost never see them in the wild.

Pygmy Elephant jerky is really tasty if really hard to acquire.

Lavender uses a Cubed Yak in her potion but I'll have to talk about that tomorrow I think this is getting too long.

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This comic was originally published as a 5 issue mini-series published by Anti-Ballistic Pixelations the fine people that do Gremlin Trouble. Then a one-shot special for Halloween was publish by the nice guys at Radio Comix who do such fine wonderful comics as Furrlough. The 5-issue mini-series was also then collected by Radio Comix as well. They sure are swell.

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