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Saiko and Lavender, The Webcomic

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Giant monster battle!!

In panel 1 the girls next to the monsters say "bad monster bad." Also the monster is totally disintegrating one of them with acid.

And now my retarded "first you say it then you do it" joke. Repeated three times in three different ways. The guy in panel 2 in the falling trunk says "piss!"

Heh, it's a carrot factory. The monsters are really messed up but I really like the cactus guy for his three faces. One perpetually stabbed with spikes, one always mad, and one cute as a button. Cute things have to be hurt! The two magical girls are a spider girl with 6 arms and another panda girl, this one has white ears. The spider girl is another one of my really old characters with a really stupid Japaneses name which is not worth mentioning here. It's spider if you must know. Yeah retarded anime/manga fan naming scheme GO! Don't be like me kids.

In panel 5 Lavender remarks "Oh, nice shot" as the monster shoots his own head off. The spider girl gives the monster the finger.

Lavender says in panel 6 at the bottom of the panel "That means you can shut up..." as she digs for her potion.

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This comic was originally published as a 5 issue mini-series published by Anti-Ballistic Pixelations the fine people that do Gremlin Trouble. Then a one-shot special for Halloween was publish by the nice guys at Radio Comix who do such fine wonderful comics as Furrlough. The 5-issue mini-series was also then collected by Radio Comix as well. They sure are swell.

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