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Saiko and Lavender, The Webcomic

Updated Every Thursday
Ah and now on to the real monster battle. With our tiny monster talking font. Which if you can't read will be reproduced here:

Panel one-

STANLEY: Stop your evil!! I will use feet of force

MAGICAL MONSTER: Stop? Fear my plethora of points!

RABBIT: No! Stop!! We shouldn't be fighting each other!

Panel two-

RABBIT: We're animals. It is people we should fight. They enslave us! They subject us to horrible tests! They even baste and eat some of us with mint jelly! That's just wrong!

Panel three-

RABBIT: I was once a mere meadow rabbit till I was mutated by evil people testing a new pet food made completely from reconstituted industrial toxic waste. Now I have no choice but to destroy to survive.

LOL, I like how Stanley seems moved but this speech. There's also a small word balloon that says "KILL!" which is Lavender, I believe, telling Stanley to get a move on it.

Panel four-

MAGICAL MONSTER: Cease being! Big speech makes heads hurt. Feel agony of gastric cacti-cooler!

RABBIT: Owie! I be melty!

Panel five-

STANLEY: Succulent Bastard!

MAGICAL MONSTER: That's right. Come sit on the lap of death and purr oh twisted cretin!

RABBIT: Albuquerque...

Heh heh, I love the monsters. I secretly snuck Fred Perry's name on to this page. I'm a ninja!

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This comic was originally published as a 5 issue mini-series published by Anti-Ballistic Pixelations the fine people that do Gremlin Trouble. Then a one-shot special for Halloween was publish by the nice guys at Radio Comix who do such fine wonderful comics as Furrlough. The 5-issue mini-series was also then collected by Radio Comix as well. They sure are swell.

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