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Saiko and Lavender, The Webcomic

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The cover for issue #2. Introducing a brand new character that you'll have to wait about 10 pages to see! Also one of the only covers where you actually see Lavender doing some magic. Saiko of course is screaming. It's too bad that dramatic covers are not something I do very often.

The fire burning the city in the background was created by actually cheating. It was this little photoshop thing that Mike gave me that he got from someone. It automatically made fire in Photoshop when you used the brush tool. It's been so long that I really can not remember how it worked. I was using Photoshop 4 when I colored this cover.

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This comic was originally published as a 5 issue mini-series published by Anti-Ballistic Pixelations the fine people that do Gremlin Trouble. Then a one-shot special for Halloween was publish by the nice guys at Radio Comix who do such fine wonderful comics as Furrlough. The 5-issue mini-series was also then collected by Radio Comix as well. They sure are swell.

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