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Born Osias Addison Sengco, at the city of Manila, Philippines and raised at the rugged seaside town of Navotas, this dreamer and weaver of tales had kept all that had infected his head a secret. Bringing to life myriads of worlds and situations and characters only to an audience of one: "Himself". Hoping to find a catalyst that would bring him audience, he foolishly enrolled at the College of Fine Arts and Design (formerly the College of Architecture and Fine Arts) at the University of Santo Tomas. Through his peers he developed a phobia for the advertising industry, seeing them slave away their youth as mercenaries for the fickle tastes of the public. He then decided to join a non-profit organization called Ang InK (a group dedicated to children's illustration), for the sheer fact that they were the closest like-minded people he could see to himself. It was there that he discovered a career in illustration in the Philippines can only be as successful as selling ice to Eskimos. Crushed by the bitter realities of life, he now embarks on a noble quest to find a regular paying job, even if it means slaving away his youth to the fickle tastes of the masses. It is of great import to him to say that he enjoys the simple nuances of a new idea and the subtleties of great storytelling. A spoiled brat as a kid until his younger brother was born; he was then deprived further on to possess toys of his own. His father rationalized that he should just buy and give him stuff that encourages a child to read. Growing up later on in his childhood with tons of comics and illustrated books instead of toys has warped Addison's mind. He also just realized that talking about oneself in the third person for three paragraphs is kind of screwy and has decided to end this piece already.