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Did my first cartoon strip at age 10 about a dog called Gus, which is odd because i hated a guy named Gus at school and have never liked Gustav Mahler because of school Gus, but maybe it was therapeutic because i liked my cartoon dog Gus who was published in the music-camp newsletter ("this one time? at music camp?).  Then i left cartooning behind me and went on to junior high school, high school, undergrad school, grad school, and finally enrolled in the school of hard knocks - which led directly to cartooning.  I mean, when you're commuting, and the guy sitting across from you is picking his nose - for TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES - you only have 2 options: smack him (and risk catching the ookies from touching him) or draw a cartoon of him and publish it ON THE WEB WHERE MILLLIONS - well, one or two anyway - will see it and laugh.


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