Welcome! I am here more to revel in other's art. However, occasionally, I'll eventually find time and motivation,and post some of my many ventures here too.Stay tuned~


genki ||   

The Latest! *stars* : My younger sister and I are contemplating dying our hair blue and pink this summer.. I think that's wonderful XD Yay college grrlz! whoo


I am a vocalist.

I'm an undergrad music major.

I also like to doodle.

I'm insanely into art/expression/delving into creativity in all it's forms...I appreciate sincerity. I love autumn!

I like "just because." I write randomly.

I drink different kinds of tea, and organic hot cocoa <3 (non alkali!) 

I use big words and sometimes mispell them :-) grandiously! I like the word "capricious" in song form.

once a willow tree

bent in the wind

and longer stood


a'mist lillies in full bloom

em 425pm 02of10/07