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Last of the Independents Written and Illustrated by Gary Lau One-shot, Incomplete, No updates

Kinetic by Timothy Merks One-shot, No updates

24 hour comic - a day in the life... by damian willcox

Neptune's Fantasy by B. Zedan for 24-hour Comics day one-shot, no updates

Something Sweet by Katrina LaRossa ?

The Great Bat RAce Story and art by Tom Kelly this is a one shot

Space Mercs's derek heath once a month 1-4 of every month

This is an example for young Rob blahlbha blahblahblah

Magical World By Daido

24HC: The Way of All Horseflesh by Monique MacNaughton 6 pages weekly on Wednesdays, until complete.

Polly Versus Tentacle Monster by Ghastly


Questionable Ethics By Graham R Updated Several Times a Week (this is not an oath).

Ghost Farm by Jessica McLeod

Gentoons: Daily Cartoons from the Heart of Boston Genevieve Shapiro Almost every day since 2004!

Chien: The Hours By Chien Hopefully Hourly

American Bunny completed

16 Hole by Jason Turner drawn on October 20 - 21, 2007

Grudge: A 24 Hour Comic By Tyler James

Laura's Aussie 24 Hour Challenge entry - 2006 by Laura Seabrook one-shot

Recommended Reading

... on Tea with a Space Rabbit by Jessica McLeod

Jessica's McLeod's touching story of an English Rabbit trying to outrun a life of failures by escaping to the stars.

In Jessica McLeod's short tale Space Rabbit needs a little help - both emotionally and physically - from an adept little engineer who seems equally comfortable sitting for tea as she does behind a welding mask.

Jessica's simple, almost playful style is perfect for this story, with flowing lines that makes the characters almost roll right off the page (I want to hug them both). I normally don't like color in comics, but her choice of only three colors--a light brown, a pink, and a soft green--used in moderation only adds to the richness of her drawings. And if you thought that well-drawn comics couldn't also be written well, then you're in for a surprise. Even though it is short, the dialogue is witty and fun.

This is one of those comics that is for everbody, even if you don't especially like comics. My wife, who doesn't even read *my* comics, keeps asking me if Jessica has drawn anything new. I suppose that should be recommendation enough.

... read it now!

Brenna Zedan on Ghost Farm by Jessica McLeod

It's whimsical without being sappy, a smart tale of friendship between a lonely vampire and a pet ghost.
McLeod draws the most darling vampires--the charming fellow in this story takes his cocoa with blood--but he's lonely, so of course he goes to a ghost farm to get himself a pet ghost. Because of the way ghosts are made on the farm (and McLeod wins a hundred gold stars for that), ghost and vampire soon realise that they're a perfect match. ... read it now!

Stan Yan on Taiwan Trilogy By John Peters

This is easily the most amazing 24 hour comic ever attempted...

I say, "attempted" since John didn't finish in 24 hours, but it's still an amazing "noble failure".  Firstly, as a part of our story premise exchange, Michael O'Keefe, still jazzed by his recent visit to Taiwan, gave him an impossible story premise along with a 300 page book of source material (I might be exaggerating, but not by much).  In the next 3-4 hours, John amazingly cobbled together the story you better damn well read (or have read) if you're reading this review.

The illustrations (no surprise) are so rich, and the characters so well rounded... apparently John has been told that he needs to expand this story.  I think it's a great stand-alone story, but I can see why the characters have grabbed folks' imaginations and hearts.

 Note, this stoy will be appearing in the Squid Works' own 24 Hour Comics People 2 book (coming soon), so if you want a copy in print, stay tuned.  And, if you like this story, make sure to read John's other webcomics, including Gypsy over at Girl-a-matic and pick up some of his books at www.squidworks.com/peters.html

... read it now!

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Written and Illustrated by Graeme Frisque Monday through Friday    ··||··    Down With Judas By Nathan Sanders Updates when possible, hopefully 1-3 times every week or two.    ··||··    Dr. Faust og paradisets sidste aeble (in danish) af Claus Thomsen    ··||··    Drawings and Doodles    ··||··    Element Five Path of War Gregory Daley Every three months or longer.    ··||··    ENCORE By Nandita One shot.    ··||··    Ensanguined By Sam and Krystal.    ··||··    Eric Eckelson & Pete the puppet and the flying machine By Michael Lombardi    ··||··    Escape From Tartarus by Gerry Swanson    ··||··    Euri No 1 by herdiaz    ··||··    Ever Again by Jade and Leah Updates once weekly!    ··||··    excuse me!    ··||··    Extreme Tabloid written and illustrated by Michael Weisenborn    ··||··    Fallaway Written and Illustrated by Aki Hyro Monday, Wednesday, Friday    ··||··    Five Iron Fashion By Mike Hankins One-Shot, No Updates.    ··||··    Fosel's New Manga One-shot, No updates    ··||··    Fragment (2009) By D.C. 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By Steve Wilson Daily    ··||··    My Life; For Your Enjoyment By Ashley Bowman About once a week    ··||··    My n00b Dude By The Uninformed Nerd Updates when I can    ··||··    Neptune's Fantasy by B. Zedan for 24-hour Comics day one-shot, no updates    ··||··    New Series A    ··||··    Nina the Ninja in "Electronic Mailmen" By Mike Hankins    ··||··    Numb Lock By Whitey Blackman. Or is it..? daily, unless I forget or have beter things to do    ··||··    Ohayo! Tanuki-Chan by André Richard weekly    ··||··    ONE DAY ! By Tone    ··||··    Orestes: Illustrated and with a Modern Wardrobe! Orestes and pals    ··||··    Panda & Monkey By Chinese Jim Every Thursday    ··||··    Paper Bag Ninja Wm Saunders Mondays and Thursdays, usually    ··||··    Paperwork    ··||··    Pat's Comics By Patrick McEvoy-Halston    ··||··    PELAYARAN GELAP Penulis/pelukis ANSHARI daily    ··||··    Pittsburgh By Joshua Hale Fialkov    ··||··    Point of Corvus By Justin Anderson Mondays, Thursdays    ··||··    POLLICO tries to fly By Raquel Moya    ··||··    Polly Versus Tentacle Monster by Ghastly    ··||··    profesor astro by daltair updated whenever I feel like    ··||··    Project 24: More Awesomeness    ··||··    Project 24: Questions Day 2007    ··||··    Project 24: Tales all up in your FACE!    ··||··    projectile dysfunction Created by Chris Hemenway Sundays    ··||··    Propellorant by Jason Turner This is it    ··||··    Questionable Ethics By Graham R Updated Several Times a Week (this is not an oath).    ··||··    Rabbit gives a shave By Terry Bartlett    ··||··    Rain By Elijah j. Brubaker    ··||··    Random Comics Shannon W. Sometimes, when I get around to it    ··||··    Regina Rich, Middle School Detective by Chris Schweizer    ··||··    Reset by Lonnie Allen    ··||··    Run, Run, Run by Tonia Walden and Louise Pieper One shot    ··||··    Security - A 24-Hour Comic by Jeff Bent    ··||··    Shadow People by Lucas Phelps    ··||··    Shakespeare Shorts and Oddities By Andre Richard and William Shakespeare Completely at Random    ··||··    Silent Rebellion    ··||··    Slice of Life By Steven Guerrero Jr. Mon, Wed, Fri    ··||··    Sluggo the Horny Robot! 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The All-American boy daily    ··||··    Story Stones By Dani Atkinson, photography by Thomas Atkinson One shot, complete.    ··||··    Tadpole the Duck By Karl Bergman Irregularly    ··||··    Taiwan Trilogy By John Peters One-shot, No updates    ··||··    Tea with a Space Rabbit by Jessica McLeod    ··||··    Test City Comics By ace and gary when I have the time    ··||··    Test37 jjg E    ··||··    testtest    ··||··    That One Comic By Tino and Josh Monday (Tino), Friday (Josh)    ··||··    The Adventures of Cletus And Clyde By Josh Lasseter Monday, Wednesday and Friday    ··||··    The Adventures of Superdudette!    ··||··    THE BIG BAD G-MEN TOOK MY BABY AWAY written and illustrated by Ben Potter A short story turned into a one-off idea.    ··||··    The Break-Up by Lonnie Allen    ··||··    The Chase By tim Pearson and too much coffee    ··||··    The Daily Scallop Daily, until the Universe ends    ··||··    The daily SCRUM By RUDOLF daily when possible    ··||··    THE DEVIL HAS A FUNNY LAUGH By Ted Seko Weekly updates    ··||··    The DigiTrad Wars by RaeRae One-Shot    ··||··    The Doctor Written and Illustrated by Evad Sdrawkcab Bi-weekly    ··||··    The Forest by madeline farrugia    ··||··    The Ghost - a 24 Hour Comic By Roger A Wilbanks One-shot, No updates    ··||··    The Great Bat RAce Story and art by Tom Kelly this is a one shot    ··||··    The Greatest 24hr Comic in the World...Tribute! By Jacen Carpenter (sans sleep) and Fonts by Blambot    ··||··    The Indefatigable Miss Manners By Jessica McLeod One-shot, no updates.    ··||··    The Insult that made a Squid out of Stan By Tim Winkelman    ··||··    The interview with Barbara    ··||··    The Last Late Show a 24 Hour Comic by Fredd Gorham One-shot, No updates    ··||··    The Letter By Nandita One- shot no updates    ··||··    The News By Shawn Henehan    ··||··    The Ordernator    ··||··    The Princess and the Paintbrush By Emily Poole Finished.    ··||··    The RATs Alex K (writing), Alex K (art) One-shot, No updates    ··||··    The RHJunior Forumites By the RHJ Forumites    ··||··    The S.F. Agency By Sombrero Guy of SFZero Updates every four days, as precisely as possible.    ··||··    The tea box By Raquel Moya    ··||··    The Uncomfortable Circle by Xeth Tuesday and Thursday, until it stops    ··||··    This is a test    ··||··    This is an example for young Rob blahlbha blahblahblah    ··||··    Thundercats Chronicles (Written) by: Edward A. Arnold (Art) by: Edward A. Arnold Once a week    ··||··    TOM THE DICKBALL I will draw more of time when i get fed up with drawing anatomy.    ··||··    Treesome - 24 h Emppu Nurminen    ··||··    Tristan & isolde het volledige verhaal By Paul (Art) Yvette, Eline (editorial)    ··||··    True Tales of the High Seas!    ··||··    Tumi Lindo    ··||··    Unemployed Freud By J.M. Watson Once a week    ··||··    Unrequited love is for the birds By Jennifer Rose    ··||··    Valco & Rilla: Divine Inspiration By Franklin W. Sterling III One-shot    ··||··    VIAJE KETCHUP    ··||··    vote for the right people! by: JAC    ··||··    waiters    ··||··    Weird Written and Illustrated by Kaitlyn Graziano Updated wheneva whateva I do what I wunt.    ··||··    What about Rick? guaranteed to be updated on an irregular basis    ··||··    wildflowers    ··||··    Word Stories By Nandita Monday and Saturday    ··||··    Workin for a Livin By Calvin Mofield Updated twice a week as time and muse allow.    ··||··    WorldGate    ··||··    YEAR 40: April by Jason Turner    ··||··    YOJINBO by TojiX Expect an update atleast once a week every sunday    ··||··    Yves the Snail By Molly Rothaus Updated whenever I feel like it.    ··||··    [Insert Comic Here]- My 2009 Comikaze 24hr Challenge Entry By Jacen Carpenter, Fonts by Blambot 24 pages in 24 hours    ··||··   


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