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Directory // Autobiographical / Slice-of-Life

FAKE SAINT JAKE comic somesuch by derrick c. weekly-ish

Die Biegelboys By Samuel Rapp Every now and then

Drop of Fuel Written and Illustrated by Karen K. m/w/f updates

A Big Fish in a Little Pond Written by David Gravatt and Edward J Grug III One Shot - Daily Until Complete

BAKA By Ben Allison

La Vida Imaginaria

godhatesdads by alex cady ~*UPDATES EVERY FRIDAY!*~

Raising Pingnuts By Ping Fahn at least once a week i think

Whatever Comes to Mind By Amanda Wainscott aka onyxjinx occationaly, hopefully weekly

Artist/Autist Written and Illustrated by Emily Vaughn

SMILE (A Dental Drama) by Raina Telgemeier Wedsnesdays

Baby Train By the Drastals, Bill and Karen Every Tuesday and Thursday

Shoot the Moon By Chris Schweizer Reasonably often

A Comicist's Imprint at a Newspaper a mini-comic by Peter N. Trinh

It Makes Me Angry Made by Chien Monday

I Should Be Drawing By Casey Sorrow

The Tedious Life of Me By James White Occasionally on Wednesdays

Journal Comics

Delineate By Lonnie Allen

Leper Town By Roderick McKie At least twice a week.

Recommended Reading

Erica Moen is more than the sum of her farts.
Ok, sometimes the truth does tread lightly. Moen understands that realism has comes in many forms: silliness, sadness and all spots in between. It's rare to find a comic that brings validity to the medium the way Erika Moen does. Her comedic art style combines traditional comic gesticulations with surrealism and topics run the gamut from farts to sexuality all of which are dealt with on a day-to-day basis. Her comic persona is well defined and matures/immatures through the years and allows for the reader to form an instant connection with her. ... read it now!

Small town ideals coursing through the streets

Surely by now, the name of Joe Decie can be uttered in the same context as some of Britain's more prolific DIY asthetic exponents. Akin to Billy Childish (but less rubbish) Decie has represented and been the motivator behind much of the "faversham" movement. Drawings are innocent yet perverse. A juxtaposotion of the obscene and the everyday, and a bluntness that leaves only a cotton mouth clamouring for something more lengthy. ingrained in much of his early work was a longing for  convention deconstruction, minimalism clashing with chaotic tapestries of ideas. His work has matured like brie (or as decie would probably prefer a good whisky) into a calming sea of pre-mid life crisis observation, anecdotes and pondering. Stripped down primal decpictions of the inertia one can feel in the work of Satre or Bellow, but fuddled up with drunken stumblings and mistake utterances. like when you're 14 and drunk for the first time and your vision keeps jumping back and forth. For fans of Kochalka, Chester and Jeffrey Brown. not for fans of spiderman. peace and carrots.

... read it now!

Neil Lisst on SMILE (A Dental Drama) by Raina Telgemeier

Raina Telgemeier's artistic style is reminiscent of early Lynn Johnston (For Better or for Worse) and/or Craig Thompson (Blankets).
"SMILE is the true story of the time Raina knocked her two front teeth out when she was 11 years old, and how she got her smile back." I love the fluid lines and emotion evoked in Raina's art. It reminds me of early Lynn Johnston or Craig Thompson in "Blankets". Like "Blankets", the art in "SMILE" perfectly complements the storytelling. I can't wait for the graphic novel. Highly recommended. Speaking of which, Raina's first graphic novel adaptation "The Baby-sitters Club #1" is coming out soon. ... read it now!

30 Days of Ryan by Ryan Rousseau (Rynen10K) FINISHED    ··||··    365 Days With Jay By Jason Marcy weekdays    ··||··    365joe: The Whole Enchilada by Joe Meyer one shot    ··||··    A Beautiful World By Gerry Swanson On indefinite hold    ··||··    A Big Fish in a Little Pond Written by David Gravatt and Edward J Grug III One Shot - Daily Until Complete    ··||··    A Comicist's Imprint at a Newspaper a mini-comic by Peter N. Trinh    ··||··    a day in the life comic lived by bruce william gorr III esq. daily.....ok, that was a lie, sorry    ··||··    A lame excuse of a girl By Gabby Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday    ··||··    A Moment of Clarity Thursdays    ··||··    A Moment of Clarity Volume 2 By John Bintz Thursdays    ··||··    A Toy Store Story! By Ted Seko One-shot    ··||··    Accomplished person    ··||··    Adagissimo By Quillotine On Hiatus    ··||··    adulation interlude: the walking and talking by Jason Turner Finished!    ··||··    Almost Autobiographical Comic By Caitlin Woods Irregular    ··||··    another one hundred page project by Jason Turner Finished    ··||··    Any Day Now    ··||··    Anyways: True Tales Where $#!+ gets REAL...by Danika I try to have this crap out every week on Monday or Tuesday    ··||··    Artist/Autist Written and Illustrated by Emily Vaughn    ··||··    Autobiographical Nonsense    ··||··    Babbjab By Jamie Ludovise Mondays    ··||··    Baby Train By the Drastals, Bill and Karen Every Tuesday and Thursday    ··||··    BAKA By Ben Allison    ··||··    Basket Cases by Jasper Nyman Updated Whenever!    ··||··    Bean Juice By Sarah Jedrey Weeklyish    ··||··    Before, During, After; stories of a Year of Service in French Guiana By Marie-Claire Saindon Updates: whenever something worth drawing arises    ··||··    Beginnings by Raina Telgemeier    ··||··    Bettina By Simon Mackie One-shot, no updates    ··||··    Big High Created by Matt "STiKMAN" Huynh One shot    ··||··    Black White and Grey Written and Illustrated by Anne Couteau hopefully weekly, sometimes more    ··||··    BoiledToast! A work in progress by Isaac Lam As often as I can    ··||··    Born To Work Minimum Wage interrupting all programmes hopefully once weekly.    ··||··    Boychild By Sean Michael Wilson and Jorge Heufemann one shot    ··||··    Boychild (promo) By Sean Michael Wilson and Jorge Heufemann    ··||··    Branching Out By Wachey (Amanda Peña) Whenever I can    ··||··    Bring It On, College Apps! Made by Chien Monday, Wednesday and Friday    ··||··    By Golly By Deb Clandening daily,maybe    ··||··    By Golly Daily By Deb Clandening Daily    ··||··    Cant Be Bothered By Emily Campbell as often as I can be bothered    ··||··    Casamira: The Heart that touched Three Generations By Mike Whittenberger and CJ Camba Every Tuesday and Thursday    ··||··    Casual Fridays by Jason Turner    ··||··    Chicken Pie: A Photoshoppic Diary By Maren May Weekends    ··||··    City Mouse Goes West by Rich Watson weekly    ··||··    CLOSING DOORS Art and Story by Mark Rudolph    ··||··    Coffee Of Doom a webcomic by mark mcqueen Monday/Friday normally    ··||··    ComicFIST By Team HAMMA FIST Whenever Jesse gets around to it    ··||··    Commuter Window Created by Matt "STiKMAN" Huynh one shot    ··||··    Confusion to the Masses By Brenda and Paul Caughell Weekly, occasionally more    ··||··    Crazy Little Things by Kate neveeeeerrrrr!    ··||··    Creative Catharsis By Nick Clayden and Stoo Goff Every Tuesday and Friday....ish...    ··||··    Crest Hut Butt Shop by Gerry Alanguilan Finished    ··||··    D.U.I: Drawing Under the Influence By Malik Dahl and Co-Written by Nicolai Shewenski Mon. Wed. Fri. Drunk.    ··||··    Dan's Fun Times Dan Giraldo (writing & art) Every Saturday (no promises...)    ··||··    DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary By Erika Moen Tuesdays    ··||··    dark night namelessness An Experimental Chimp project Tuesday and Thursday, Probably.    ··||··    Death Before Breakfast By Dean Rankine One-Shot    ··||··    Death of an Artist, Age 8 by Ben Costa Completed    ··||··    Deer by Raina Telgemeier one-shot    ··||··    Delineate By Lonnie Allen    ··||··    Destroying The Illusion by Joe Meyer Monday, Wednesday and Friday    ··||··    Diarrhea Diaries Stories by Phil Miarmi, Art by Aaron DeLaRosa, Mark Griffin, Ronnie Casson, Corey Sauer, Mark McMurray, and Brian Bilter each issue updated as completed, issues 1 and 2 online    ··||··    Diary of a Ghostsitter By Marleen de Kramer Whenever something noteworthy happens - probably once a week.    ··||··    Die Biegelboys By Samuel Rapp Every now and then    ··||··    Doggy Days by hambot intermitant, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little    ··||··    Domino Joe Created by Matt 'STiKMAN' Huynh Once per day for the next eight days! WOO!    ··||··    Don't Trip Over in Japan By Kairi Moon    ··||··    Drawn From Life by Josh McDonald No Updates    ··||··    Drifting Something or Other By Sean Lees Atleast twice a week.    ··||··    Drop of Fuel Written and Illustrated by Karen K. m/w/f updates    ··||··    Drug Abuse Is Fun! by Jeff Coleman every weekday    ··||··    Ducks Don't Rock By Rosana Toro    ··||··    dude! Mental throw up by Dan Rowden Sporadically when I find the time    ··||··    El Rayo By Ana Cristina Enriquez    ··||··    Elwy High: A Queer Little Secondary School on the Hill Story, Pencils, Inks, Colours and Lettering by Melanthios Complete short piece.    ··||··    Emo written and drawn by N8 Dawg updated no more :.(    ··||··    Epilepsy - a personal account Laura Seabrook One-Shot    ··||··    Escape G forse by thanos    ··||··    Exit 21 Autumn Brown Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday    ··||··    FAKE SAINT JAKE comic somesuch by derrick c. weekly-ish    ··||··    Faking Life written and drawn by Nat Lee Twice a week (hopefully!)    ··||··    Feedbackrunde by Samuel Rapp One-shot, No updates    ··||··    Flatmates by Maeve Clancy Friday    ··||··    Fractured! Lin, Angelin and Evilin Randomly    ··||··    Ghost : typical case of casual insanity all by 05_09, based on real chars end events... like 45% ) Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I wish....    ··||··    Goddammit Danny! by Danny B Sundays or better    ··||··    godhatesdads by alex cady ~*UPDATES EVERY FRIDAY!*~    ··||··    Goodbye Beard by Chris Schweizer one-shot, no updates    ··||··    Gravity is Magic! By Madame Molotov, Teensy Draftsperson Updated Tuesday, Thursday, Sometimes Saturday    ··||··    Groteska uppslag By Benan    ··||··    Gumpert by Matthew Reidsma Daily until it's done.    ··||··    GWENDOLINE    ··||··    HALF A WORM Created by Manuel B. Ramirez III About once a week, depending on my social life    ··||··    Happy Valley By David Olson Weekly    ··||··    Harry and the Potters By Dave Roman with Paul DeGeorge and Joe DeGeorge Coming Soon!    ··||··    Hasjubee Comics First Series Andrew moon Monday Wednesday and Friday    ··||··    Honeybee Productions    ··||··    Hopscotch By Caitlin Woods Irregular    ··||··    Hourly Comic Day '08 By Jeremy Alva, featuring Jose Salazar and Brian Guillian One-shot    ··||··    Hourly Comics By Andrew Russell Next time i do these will probably be in january    ··||··    How I Learned to Say No By Marion Vitus One-shot, no updates    ··||··    How the Fire Fell written and drawn by Cydnee Clark-Praxis. i Weekly    ··||··    How to Grow Wild Orchids By Alejandra Rojas Goni saturdays    ··||··    How We Got Engaged! By Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier One-Shot, No Backsies    ··||··    I Know a Shortcut (v1.0) brendan leach no updates    ··||··    I Should Be Drawing By Casey Sorrow    ··||··    I thought there'd be... more. Written and Illustrated by Jason Gormally Semi-daily    ··||··    ICARUS FIRST FLIGHT by thanos    ··||··    Important Things By Lee Thacker Updates on weekdays    ··||··    In The Red By Smurphy Whenever I can be bothered    ··||··    Innocent Days Drawn by Ino Smith. No concrete schedule as of yet, a couple of times a week.    ··||··    Inspired Haircut by ming one shot    ··||··    Iron Man Daily Grind Challenge summer '06 by Pranas T. Naujokaitis    ··||··    It Begins! Written & Illustrated by T.G. By Sunday Night    ··||··    It Makes Me Angry Made by Chien Monday    ··||··    It's All in the Knees by Chris Duffy, author of "Power Glove" LLC now and then    ··||··    Jelly Sammitches for Everyone Steve Johnson Fridays    ··||··    Joe Meyer Answers Your Questions by Joe Meyer Once a week, until done, then every once in a while!    ··||··    Joel and Tori by Victoria Skramstad and Joel Simmons Monday nights    ··||··    Joined by Sally Jane Thompson Updates on weekdays    ··||··    Journal Comics    ··||··    Just Another Day... By Ben A. Klapper, and sometimes other people Mondays. Wednesdays, and Fridays    ··||··    just the little bits By Robert7129 now and then    ··||··    Kacey Q. Thunder By Christine Kohler, age 10 Updated Sporatically Until I Run Out    ··||··    Keep On Ryan By: Ryan Rousseau (Daily-ish)    ··||··    Kickball by Chris Schweizer One-shot, no updates    ··||··    Kittens Say Boo! Written and Illustrated by Hannah Eller updated daily except Tuesdays and Thursdays    ··||··    La Vida Imaginaria    ··||··    LadyCartoonist By Meredith Scheff Wednesdays    ··||··    Leaves    ··||··    Left Leg by Mariette Rose Sporadic    ··||··    Leper Town By Roderick McKie At least twice a week.    ··||··    Lessons In Fire Safety and Other Stories Words and pictures by Laura Ellyn Irregularly.    ··||··    Liam in Colorado by LiamO'Brien Daily (I hope)    ··||··    Life and Death By 'Captain' Eli Herring Updates Monday and Thursday, except when I forget.    ··||··    life of whiner By Elijah J. Brubaker daily, for now.    ··||··    Life on the Fringe by Alexis Millan Sundays    ··||··    Life wiith the Underdog #2: The Empire State Strikes Back Words and pictures by La Nina    ··||··    LIFE WITH ASPY art and stories by Bruno Moonbreeze Mondays    ··||··    Life With the Underdog #1: The Land of Entrapment Words and Pictures by La Nina    ··||··    Lifelines updates on Sundays    ··||··    Living In La-La Land recorded by Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz I have a lot of projects/road trips. Let's see how fast I ink    ··||··    Lowered Expectations Written and Illustrated by Amy Salmon Two to three times weekly    ··||··    Match by Samuel Rapp One-shot, No updates    ··||··    McRants By M@ McCray Whenever I get annoyed enough to create a strip about it    ··||··    me&ering by Steve Fuson Wednesdays, usually    ··||··    Mee By Conny Streit probably once every month if I can make it    ··||··    Method and Influence by Chris Schweizer one-shot, no updates    ··||··    Mike and Shannon by mike and shannon monday, wednesday and friday    ··||··    Mindy the Roman By Mindy Erm... occasionally? when possible...    ··||··    MISFIT'S JOURNEY By Ben Adams Irregular Updates    ··||··    Miss Anthropic Written and Illustrated by Alex Grandstaff Oh bugger... let's go with Fridays    ··||··    Mr. Ed Weirdo By Ed Gauthier Whenever    ··||··    Mr. Ed Weirdo Classics By Ed Gauthier Archives    ··||··    Murry purry fresh and furry by Agouti-Rex Random    ··||··    My Diary (by a Fairly Stupid Person) by this intelligent person who does stupid stuff a lot No idea yet, really    ··||··    My Happy Place: an allegory by Joe Meyer    ··||··    My Head Hurts GaryStu Thursday    ··||··    My HMP By Jared A. Jaworski Once a Week    ··||··    My Life in Records by Grant Thomas First Sunday of the Month    ··||··    My Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary Comic by Chris Duffy Just the one page, true-believers!    ··||··    Naivety Incarnate By Sergio Sundays and Wednesdays    ··||··    Naomi and Poggie By Alex Major It'll be random depending on work. Sorry :(    ··||··    Napkin People Roz Martinez (writing & art) Weekdays    ··||··    Near-Life Experience D By Lea Hernandez Often    ··||··    New York City, Loveless Written and Illustrated by Gus R. Lequerica , I will update often.    ··||··    Nightcrawlers Unite doodled by katie weekly    ··||··    No In-Between By Marion Vitus Updates Mondays    ··||··    No Legs Written by life and Heidi, Illustrated by Mischa Updated Tuesdays and Thursdays    ··||··    No One Asked Us    ··||··    November, 2007: A NaNoWriMo experiment By Marion Vitus One-shot, No updates    ··||··    Nutmeg Nan and Sticky a production of KITSCHENSYNGK updates as often as I can    ··||··    Nyaa Life When new panel fits my standards    ··||··    Ode to My Wife KG loves SB every second of every day    ··||··    Oh My Gawd. Totally. By Catey! Possibly about once a week?    ··||··    Oh So Comics by Bryan Fleming ever-so-often    ··||··    Oil Paints Created by Matt "STiKMAN" Huynh One-shot    ··||··    Old website, very out of date. By Joe Decie Never updated.    ··||··    Orange Leaves From 24-Hour Comic 2006    ··||··    Orful Comics from the brain of Rob Cureton Whenever    ··||··    Oswald! Written and drawn by Adam Bastuscheck DAILY until Feb 5th, then Oswald will update every Sun.    ··||··    Panorama Drama IJ CHE Completed Series    ··||··    Pee.Ess. uhhhhhhhh By Candy Lawrence Daily, except when I have cramps    ··||··    Peirene by Rachel S. ~    ··||··    Pieces - The Rain Written and Drawn by Mario Cau    ··||··    Pissing in the wind It's by Joe Decie Quite often    ··||··    Pool Tales By Phil Elliott Every Thursday    ··||··    Raising Me. By Jeaux Janovsky Sundays, or every other Sunday.    ··||··    Raising Pingnuts By Ping Fahn at least once a week i think    ··||··    Rattletrap By Jerry Smith    ··||··    Rudas: An Expatriate Interview By Marion Vitus, as told to her by CJ One-shot, no updates    ··||··    Rumble By Scott once a week    ··||··    Sam Sloth (working title) By Louis Nelson    ··||··    SCATTERED Weekly, like the paper comics of old- but not as funny...    ··||··    Scissors like a Weapon by smerwin Thursdays usually.    ··||··    Scrawlings By Philippa Rice now and then    ··||··    Self-Portraits in MS Paint Brought to you by MSPaint and Suzanna's cursor Every few days    ··||··    Semaphore By Meredith Scheff-King Fridays    ··||··    Shoot the Moon By Chris Schweizer Reasonably often    ··||··    Simple Comics By Jeremey Pohl (Writer, Artist (arguable)) Updated when-hever    ··||··    Small Noises by Sarah Glidden Every week or so. Sometimes every few days. We'll see.    ··||··    Small Revelations By Kate One-shot, No updates    ··||··    SMILE (A Dental Drama) by Raina Telgemeier Wedsnesdays    ··||··    Smoke Break By GRoY Updated whenever I feel like it gooosh!    ··||··    Snerk! Written and Illustrated by Jesse Graff, Edited and Lettered by Joshua Williamson    ··||··    So Good it Hurts By Karen Krajenbrink with help from her better half Brian Leach Updates Fridays    ··||··    Sod's Law By Robert Bass    ··||··    Summer Job Ted Scrawl intermittent    ··||··    Summer Skies by Raina Telgemeier one-shot    ··||··    Survival of the Fittest: Middle School Popularity Camp By Monica Gallagher One-shot    ··||··    Sweet and Sour Spirals Written and Illustrated by Eliza Moonchild    ··||··    Swimming Sickness By emily estelle Weekly    ··||··    TASC Times Writing and Art by Dan Arif Updated Fridays (I think)    ··||··    Teatime Number One by Raina Telgemeier one-shot    ··||··    Teen Angst by Adriana Complete.    ··||··    Teenage Caveman A daily comic journal by Ben Yaxley Mostly daily after midnight    ··||··    Thank God its: SummerTime! (a 20 episode comic about the "hardships" of summer vacation) By Jamaca Davis (main artist), Katie "Double 'D'" MaFaye (secondary artist), and Ashlee Thompson (editing and alternate artist) Whenever I can, depending on schedule    ··||··    Thank You For Calling By Mikhail Vernon When inspiration strikes and a working computer is available.    ··||··    The 3rd Floor Written and illustrated by Robert Denton Whenever I have time    ··||··    The Adventures of Ned Beui by Binary Comix Randy Haas (Writer) and Allen Grimes (Artist) Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday (for the most part)    ··||··    The Biegelboys By Samuel Rapp Every now and then    ··||··    The Big Kiss-Off By Corey Barba    ··||··    The Casual Librarian by Ruthanne Price Daily, ostensibly    ··||··    The Chelation Kid By Robert Tinnell and Craig A. Taillefer Weekdays    ··||··    The Continuous Comic of Life Written and Illustrated by Kalyn Reid My schedule is hectic and I'm forgetful, so updates will vary.    ··||··    The Doofus Machine Written and Illustrated by Colin Adams weekly    ··||··    The Drama Comic    ··||··    The Glass Urchin by Auilix Tuesday and Thursday    ··||··    The Incredibly Eventful Life of Nathaniel Cavitch By Mike Meginnis Saturdays, maybe more.    ··||··    The Kid from Mushroom Island By Monte Hayward Complete    ··||··    The Life and Times of Paul...and Jimmy and Tim By Matthew Samsel Tuesday, Thursday    ··||··    The Mega Times By Jason Turner hiatus    ··||··    The Milk Toast by dave roman One-shot    ··||··    The Nowhere Royale the continuing made-up real life of Nate Boggess Monday, Wednesday, Friday    ··||··    The Old Crow by Von Allen updates daily    ··||··    the one (hundred) page project by Jason Turner finished    ··||··    the scary thing by a haunted artist daily, except when I don't feel like it    ··||··    The Slow Lane by Kenneth Wind Updated whenever a driving situations prompt an entry.    ··||··    The Taxidermy Chronicles Sundays    ··||··    The Tedious Life of Me By James White Occasionally on Wednesdays    ··||··    The Voices in My Head By Rachel Friesen and the voices updates when I have access to a scanner    ··||··    Things I did as a kid... by dave roman Occasionally    ··||··    THIS F*CKING BUSINESS By Matt Gajdos    ··||··    Three Squares a Day Monday, Wednesday and Friday    ··||··    Thunderous by Jason Turner One Shot    ··||··    Tissue Balls By Matt 'STiKMAN' Huynh One-shot, No updates    ··||··    Tix-Comix Standalone Gags by Colleen Dick roughly once a month    ··||··    today... by drew damron one-shot    ··||··    Too Much Free Time By Kory Bingaman Every once in awhile    ··||··    Top Secret Written and Illustrated by Stephanie Villarreal    ··||··    Top Secret: A Childhood Fear By Stephanie Villarreal One-Shot, no updates.    ··||··    Trees You Can't Climb Written and lettered by Damian Duffy, Art by John Jennings, Based on the short story "No More Candy" by John Jennings one-shot    ··||··    Uncorrected Proofs Written and illustrated by Done Weekly, barring disasters    ··||··    Under the Lids by tyim courts Monday, Wednesday and Friday    ··||··    Unicorns & Rainbows by Adriana Once a week.    ··||··    University of Sydney "The Bull" Comic Strip series By Matt Huynh weekly    ··||··    Unremarkable Routine By P. Martin Almost daily.    ··||··    Up at Dawn Crook Society by erica dreisbach Monday, Tuesday, Thursday    ··||··    Up, up, up, up, up, up by Raina Telgemeier one-shot    ··||··    Us Comic! The comic about us! Twice a week, except of exams    ··||··    Utah Languish: The Days & Nights of Jim Weaver Written, edited and drawn by JJ Cano whenever I can    ··||··    Vacuus Vita Written and Illustrated by Carey Melaniuk Whenever I feel like it    ··||··    Walk to Work by Jason Turner    ··||··    Walking By William Gabriel This is a moment. It will never happen again.    ··||··    Wednesday's Rain By Zach Lindsey Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays    ··||··    Weekly Fridge Comics By Arnold Weekly!    ··||··    Welfare Wonderland GaryStu Thursday    ··||··    Wet Ashes Lisa Woynarski (writing), Mike Medaglia~* (art, writing) Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday    ··||··    what the god damn by coxana blowjat SPORADICALLY    ··||··    Whatever Comes to Mind By Amanda Wainscott aka onyxjinx occationaly, hopefully weekly    ··||··    Whimsical Nobody Comics by Whit Taylor 2-3 days per week    ··||··    Wir2Comics by Carmen Miller monthly    ··||··    Workin' Jones by damian willcox    ··||··    Wysocki's Weekday Joshua Wysocki Semi-Daily    ··||··    YEAR 40: August by Jason Turner Until I get them done    ··||··    Year 40: DECEMBER by Jason Turner    ··||··    YEAR 40: February by Jason Turner    ··||··    YEAR 40: July by Jason Turner Weekdays    ··||··    YEAR 40: June by Jason Turner Weekdays    ··||··    YEAR 40: March by Jason Turner    ··||··    Year 40: MAY by Jason Turner Daily until I'm caught up    ··||··    YEAR 40: November by Jason Turner Daily until November 22    ··||··    YEAR 40: October by Jason Turner    ··||··    YEAR 40: September by Jason Turner    ··||··   


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