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Rosemary Ripley
A wandering heroine who arrived very recently at the Mansion of E. Impulsive, but fairly intelligent and very good with a sword. ... more
The 23rd Earl of E, and theoretical owner of the Mansion of the same name. A twit, but an intelligent and well-meaning one. ... more
Sylvester's younger brother. A friendly, lackadaisical trouble-magnet. ... more
A resourceful Gnoll who lives in the Basement of the Mansion of E. Makes his living as a "poker", a private detective. Comshaw has the stick; on his right is his friend and "finagler" Niddle. ... more
The Woman of Mystery
Sylvester and Mortimer's great-aunt, by sort-of marriage to Frederick, who incidentally appears here. A woman of power and, yes, Mystery. (One of those mysteries, currently, is her name.) ... more
Supporting Cast: Ig The Operator

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