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What do Quantum Physics, Tibetan Buddhism & the latest in Vacuum cleaner technology have in common? Ha! You guessed it-"Dr.Speck"! a dangerous experiment, Dr.Adam Speck-particle physicist extraordinaire--has been reduced to atoms!!! But that's o.k.-his friends think quick!! Fellow scientists Tabba Gundiaka & Melanie Seurat find a new use for an old household appliance & put Dr.Speck together again. Yet in the process Dr.Speck experiences the essence of existence and wonders, "What does it all mean?"

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Geoff Grogan is an artist living in Brooklyn with his wife Debbi. He is known for the comics-inspired imagery of his newspaper collages and the self-published comic "Dr.Speck". He is Associate Professor of Art & Art History at Adelphi University, Garden Ci ... full profile