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This is the "long bio" portion of the site. Rather than post a resume, I thought I'd just touch on some of the "noteworthy" moments from my career.

If this drags on & on & your looking for a way out...just go to the "external homepage" or travel to: Both are more fun I think.

Yes-as the short bio says--I'm an artist living in Brooklyn with my wife Debbi and our cat Beep-ette.
 If I'm known for anything it is  the comics-inspired imagery of my newspaper collages and the self-published comic "Dr.Speck". Among the "highlights" of my career: I was in an exhibition at The Drawing Center in New York in 2004(The Drawing Center is one the best venues for "emerging artists" in NYC) and I was acknowledged in The Vilage Voice's "best of 2003" issue as "best desecrator of a New York Institution". (Life did not change--piles of money did not appear. oh well, live and learn.)
Somewhere along the line I've won a couple of small awards too.
I've had an odd career as an artist-unencumbered by the burden of success, I've been able to follow the path of my inspiration--and for better or worse, that's led me to some interesting places. I've done comics forever,in my collages and in traditional form-- but I've only published "Dr. Speck" and now, "Nice Work" on Modern Tales.
In my early 20's I spent a long time working on a comic strip I called "C.D.",(about a 20 something geeky guy naturally) but for a variety of reasons it never saw light of day.(It's a long story--but the people who have seen it dig it--and despite the years, I kinda dig it too. I might put it up on WCN-if I stumble upon it in that storage closet.)
I spent several years working on-"Dr. Speck".
Diamond carried it for three issues back in 97-98--but it's sales didn't meet the minimum and before I lost my shirt they mercifully put me out of business. That's ok. I continued to work on it, printed one more book (#4 --absolutely the best one and something I'm still pretty happy with-altho' lots of folks don't understand it.)And then I thought I'd serialize it on the web--but for a variety of reasons(Well WCN wasn't around then) that never happened. But believe it or not, I kept drawing and writing and I actually finished the whole damn thing--although alot of it remains uninked.And now here it is on WCN-hope you enjoy it!

Eventually "Dr. Speck" led comics into my paintings and collages fullforce and the stuff that came out of that was pretty good.(If I do say so myself.)A circuitous route--but ultimately for the good I think.

(if you check out the collages, you'll see a couple of images by Jack Kirby, the King himself, translated into collage form. I'm deeply indebted to his inspiration and acknowledge him on my homepage. He's a giant and I love him. --- Initially  part of the idea--was to utilize work that was out there, part of the pop culture language already--but as time moved on the images increasingly became my own.)
Anyway-I suppose my career is that of a late bloomer--because I really feel my best work is happening now--and I'm well into my forties already. So-there's a lesson for ya' kids-!Take it for what it's worth!( there's still no money-)
And finally, last but not least--I am also Associate Professor of Art & Art History at Adelphi University and hold an MFA/MS dual degree in painting and Art History from Pratt Institute.I have a great job-great colleagues and it's a nice place to work.I love teaching and I have some great students.
And there you have it. and I haven't told you anything about Debbi or Beepette--but that's a whole nother story.
And if you're good and read "NW" or "Dr. Speck" regularly- someday I'll tell you about the time I was ushered out of a big DC execs office back in the late 70's or my run-in with a well-known fundamentalist Christian cartoonist in upstate New York.(also in the late 70's).
All the best!