The Misadventures of Gerbil

Every other day

A throwback to when that one girl first appeared. (WC 13) An extra for the longtime reader. I guess it shows not much has changed. The Tourists will leave, don't worry, even though you won't get to see it.

Back to Black: Remember how I said this was originally going to be a b/w comic? Because of that, I never designed any black characters. It just didn't look well. The black tourist here was the first one draw black on paper, but that still looked ugly and I had to draw him all over again. When I started coloring, I added minorities retroactively. But on paper, I still haven't. It's beyond my artistic capabilities. (And don't start about that kid from Peanuts. Drawing dotted people is just silly.)

On Hiatus: The time has come, I don't have any more comics. Which means I'm going to do a very risky thing - going on hiatus. I'll freeze Gerbil in November, and when I have the next story ready, we'll (hopefully) continue. One thing's for sure, I'm not done yet.

Next Time (whenever that is): So, what's next? I'm sure you saw it coming. Starting off with a parody of Soviet animation (in-between strip), the next story will have Gerbil as the guinea pig for a time machine. But he's not alone! There are going to be lots of new characters, both friends and enemies. See Gerbil as he becomes friends with Aber throughout the decades. See the building and opening of the school in 1957 to its 30th anniversary in 1987 to what it will look like 60 years from now! Join us in the past, present and future in the next, epic adventure: Time Machine.

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