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Oh, great. This is one of those 'milestone comics'. That means there's a lot to say about it. First a bit of history. After I came up with the Random Funnies, I came up with this comic. Then I came up with a series of comics about an extraordinary class that goes to a circus and outdoes the circus people. Then I thought: "I have two weird school comics. Can't I just put them together?" I did. Then I thought "Gerbil has been laughed at, so he's gained the readers sympathy. Other then this gimmick, his character is completely bland. Maybe I could make more of these kids and make another guy explaining these people to Gerbil?" That's this storyline in a nutshell. Then I came up with more stories and characters, and by then I thought: "This is going to be the main comic. Life With Gerbil." I changed the title later, when I came across the word misadventures and I thought "I have to put this in my comic somehow." When I'd done that, I started world-building. I love world-building, fleshing out in what kind of universe my characters are and what I can and can't do. I made a whole list of possible lessons he could have, and corresponding teachers. Many of them you won't even get to see, but they're there. I was originally going to spend another story on teachers, but after "Meet Gerbil" finished, I was glad I could do something else. I'm still world-building. If you want to know more about the Gerbilverse, you know who to call: gerbilcomics (at)

Comic: Just this once, I'll give it its own paragraph. It's too messy in the above. It's not too bad, it shows the average level of artistry I had at the time. There are a lot of interesting things to see in retrospective. For you, it's the first time, but I'm way ahead of ya. So, what to look out for in the upcoming comics, then? Some characters make their first appearances. Not only Gerbil, but also Miss Rose, Bill and Ted, and John, who had all been designed at the time. The drawing style is also a bit different of what's to come. Like in "Obvious Meme-Joke", I use a thinner marker for the background. This is one of the last times it was used, because I didn't like it. It works very well in this comic, I think. But don't worry, I later learn to do the same trick with the thick marker. On the art: I've given this comic everything. Reasonably elaborate background, trying my everything at the characters, it took a lot of sweat to make this one. You'll see later that I'll simplify some things. And no, I won't write things about the strip on the page. I put that space to better use, and exposition goes here. This is the only time I did it. Another thing to notice here is Miss Rose, who is a reasonably competent teacher. Why is that notable? I'll... explain later.

Color: This was really hard to color! It's the thin marker, you can't see it very well. The first panel is the worst, but I actually like the way panel two was done.

Fun Fact: You may have noted by now that the comics have codes. Short explanation: I'm a code nut. Long explanation: I'm a code nut. And so that I can keep track of the comics' order. WC is on every comic, it means WebComic. For every storyline there's another code, MG for this one, or RF or RR. You can guess what they stand for. So MG1, WC6 is the 6th comic and 1st one in the Meet Gerbil story. A comic can be half-page or whole-page, but usually it's whole-page. This means that WC20 might not be the 20th time I post a comic, but only the 14th. Obviously, this is not ideal and maybe I should've used A and B for half-pages, but I didn't realize it back then. Also, I draw each comic in the exact order they are published but obviously I might come up with them in a different order. That allows me to do foreshadowing and come up with elaborate story arcs with twists and turns. And yes, I'll explain later.

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Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

Thanks for the shout-out to Everyday Heroes!  Keep up the good work!

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