The Misadventures of Gerbil

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And so, a new chapter in the life of Gerbil starts. We'll look at art, because there is a lot of that hanging around on my own high school. And I'm starting to work on my perspective, and the back of character's heads. And no, Gerbil does not look like Beavis or Butthead.

Horror: My first and only attempt at doing horror. It's easy, but I still think I didn't do it effective enough. Ah well. It's not the main genre of the comic.

Clothing: Yes, it's different now. There isn't really a set costume, but the combination used in the last story is the standard one. Sometimes I deviate from it, and try my hand at designing clothes. As you'll see later in this story, that doesn't go well, so I usually stick with blank shirts. Oh, and in this story you can read the passage of time from the clothing they're wearing. As soon as they start wearing the same clothes every comic, it's the same day.

Fun Fact: I imagined the painting as a real painting, with a paper mache face and arm sticking out. Seeing as I'm not that kind of artist, I chose to make it this way.

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