The Misadventures of Gerbil

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So - back to basic. Since this is the story for which I invented the characters, the ideas are a bit older than most comics you've seen so far. Chronologically, I dreamt this up just before Meet Gerbil. Unfortunately, that means there might be a bit of a set-back in the writing in terms of quality. but the art will continue to evolve. And the colors are better as well! They're more moody and fit the atmoshpere better. And just to drive the point home - Petey Bar-None's circus is so bad that even most people who worked there left. Last year. Yeah.

Mock Writing: This is the first story to feature my 'mock writing', as seen on the last poster here. I use it to make an impression that posters aren't empty without actually writing something. Handy trick, you'll see it more often later.

Insane Background Detail: Note the Clover Grieveland election poster. It's almost a given for any fictional America to have a fictional President, so I just had to have one myself.

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