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Yes, Gerbil Comics has gone Halloween! This is a comic about which, for some reason, I feel pretty embarassed. I guess that Halloween presents (becuase candy is too mainstream) open up the core of a character. Which mine have none. Let's see if I can make something out of this.

Color: I specificially remember coloring this comic being aggravating. Also, I forgot Ace in panel 3, which is stupid.

Fun With Music: The song is from the Donald Duck cartoon Trick or Treat from 1952.

Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey: So, this shows the passage of time in Gerbil comics. Time in webcomics is usually very much behind, but here I'm even a bit ahead. I tried fitting the first Meet Gerbil on the first Monday after September 1, and this around October 31. That's how the schedule (every other day a comic) evolved. Which means, in normal comic format, one row of comics per day just like in the newspapers of yore. But now, storyline are about to become much too long. I have found a way to do Christmas at Christmas (even though it isn't), if I can finish that story in time which I doubt. By February, it'll still be November in Gerbil time. Which I only might publish by June. Timing - it's difficult.

About the Grants: For this comic, I dreamt up characters who are incredibly rich. They have about $infinite. Which, in the Gerbilverse, is an actual number. If they'd spend $200, they'd have $infinity minus 200. And why are they called Grant? Because a grand is $1000.

Trick or Treat: Let's have a look at the presents, shall we? Ace got an airplane, obviously, because he's called Ace. (Interestingly, a 1917 biplane was/is featured in my greatest story ever, which I never finished.) "Deep School"'s FBI file should be obvious as well. The bully and wimp that constantly switch, right. The one I specifically designed as a bully is the one who acts like a wimp, and he is dressed as one here. The other one vice versa. (Having a place on the funnies page in the newspaper is of course an in-joke of the worst kind.) Amy (with a horrible costume) got superhero stuff. Heinz got a personality! He actually did! It'll be a while before he really does something again, unfortunately. And Gerbil... well... I'll explain later.

Pop Culture Explained: What is the punchline about, then? It's an American classic, actually. In a Peanuts Halloween special, all the kids get awesome candy... and Charlie Brown gets a rock. Which I here replaced by The Rock, the wrestler/actor. So I changed the setting to make it believable he would actually GET The Rock for Halloween, and there's this comic. And Gerbil isn't happy. What would he need The Rock for?!

Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey (Part 2): I have three standards of timing. RealTime, ComicTime and GerbilTime. Ideally, they're all the same. Which means Gerbil progresses through the seasons just like we do. Which would be awesome, like now. However. RealTime is real, actual time. As in, October 29, 2012. It moves forward and I can do nothing about it. ComicTime is the time the comics get published. An interval of two days between every comic, no matter what. So ComicTime now is also October 29, 2012. If I would go on hiatus for a month, the next comic would be RealTime November 29, 2012 but ComicTime October 31, 2012. ComicTime amounts to the amount of comics I make. GerbilTime is the time in-universe, which today is October 31, 2012. For example, Meet Gerbil took a month in RealTime and ComicTime, but only a few hours in GerbilTime, all of which took place on September 1, 2012. So in a year or so, a comic could have RealTime October 30, 2013, ComicTime July 3, 2013 and GerbilTime May 24, 2013. That is very confusing. But I have to deal with this, not you. So shut up. (To make it even more difficult, at some points in the comic I have to add GerbilActualTime and GerbilRelativeTime. But we'll get there when we'll get there.)

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