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Introducing... THE TIME TOURIST! Yes, again. But now for real. Or is it? No, I can safely tell you it's not. To add to the confusion, we've already seen the Tourist - and I'm not referring to that one time. And we will be seeing him for the first time, again and again. You see, his personal timeline isn't in sync with Gerbil's, seeing as he travels through time. That, and his Helmic Regulator doesn't work. Anyway, I'm thrilled for this story, it's the best one yet! And it's got, you know, actual plot. Hope that helps.

Color: In this story, I go too far on the purple. Ah well.

About the Time Tourist (...again?): His full name is the Time Tourist, but everybody just calls him Tourist. I had you there, didn't I? I'll be revealing more about him when we meet him again.

Wibbly Wobbly, Timey-Wimey: This comic is also notable for being the first one that isn't uploaded in the afternoon or evening. As of writing, this day is only eleven minutes old! I do this for two reasons. One: the TIME Tourist. Who says I can't play around with it as well, for the occasion? Two: I can. Plus, I'd do it about 15 hours from now anyway, which means I'd have to start up the computer again, and I'm here already now, so whatever. Just don't think I'll make it a habit.

Gushing About Comics I Like: There are avarage comics, comics that I regard with fear, and then there's this one. I think this is one of the best comics I've done so far! The only comics that I think come close are the recent Fall and Cacophone bits, but this is certainly better than that. Why? Because it has actual weight, stuff happens. I've always been better in telling a story than just jokes (Gerbil started as an experiment in doing this format, remember?) and it shows. Incidentally, I've always planned to go the "Gottfredson route": first simple gags, later more elaborate stories. Perhaps I should've just started with the stories, perhaps not. I've had some time now to figure out what works and how, and I've given you some time to get accustomed to the Gerbilverse. Now we can really start. (Ironically, the last storyline I've got finished and ready to publish is this Tourist story. But there will be more later.) Plus, it takes time to build up skill, you know? (This is my opinion. You are entitled to your own. Leave a comment if you have something to say.)

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