The Misadventures of Gerbil

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And so it begins! Look at this comic, it's so old and bad... no, it's not that bad. I made this comic back in January, you know. And it's still pretty accurate. Caricature of the artist. (Well, who else could start this series?) Bad picture of a sand castle. Nice picture of Gerbil. Readable text. All in all, this could be worse.

Color: I intended to run this comic in two ways: the original version and the color version. The original version would then be a photograph I made of the page I'd drawn in b/w. This version would allow you to see the original artwork better. The problem was that the file size was a bit loo large for this website. Why is the colored version smaller, then? Well, before I color the comics, I put them in Word. Word can only handle pictures so big, so it makes it smaller. Then I tune up the contrast and the brightness, and copy it to Paint where I start coloring it. Paint can only handle pictures so big, so it comprises the size even more. The end result is the color version, a picture in which the artwork is thinner, the colors aren't completely their intended hues, and the file size is a quarter of the original. But it's all I got. Well, I guess I'm just about the only one who cares about the original art anyway. But I like the colors in this one. I do.

Fun Fact: I sometimes post fun facts here. All kinds of facts about the comic that nobody wants to know. But I guess you never knew that I came up with the character Gerbil shortly after midnight, on January 6, 2012. Yup, I've been preparing this for a long time. And very well, too. You see, before I make a comic, I try to build a universe around it so I know what I've got. This one is called the Gerbilverse. Here in the background commentary I'll be explaining more about the 'verse. If you want to know even more about the background of this comic and details of the Gerbilverse, mail me at gerbilcomics (at) .

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