The Misadventures of Gerbil

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And so it begins... for real this time! As you have read last time, the Random Funnies are being published in the order I came up with them. And this is the first one. In my opinion, my early comics read like 'bottom of the barrel' jokes, which honestly they are. I just couldn't fill the barrel at the time, and was glad to have something. And this comic works really well as the first one, because the only comic I've done so far IS a stick figure comic! That's... too obviously hypocritical, isn't it? (I did draw two people last time, but they don't count.) I like this comic. Minimalist art, simple joke. I should do that more often. Alas, t'was not to be. More elaborate gags are coming up.

Color: Not too much, which is good. Easy and fast.

Fun fact: I draw all the comics in the exact order they are published. The idea might be older, however. Only when I started coloring them, I did it in random order. You'll see that later on, as character's clothes change color while still on the same day. This must've been an early coloring, I did all the easy ones first. You'll see later on how the coloring gradually seems to improve. That wasn't deliberate! I always tried to color everything the best I could, but this still seemed to work out better for the later comics. Ah well.

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