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The One That Nobody Will Get. Excuse me for it's badness, I don't always get it right. (But when I do... [insert meme here].) I already explained how this is scraping the bottom of the barrel, so it's just hit or miss in the beginning. Now let me explain the comic. There's one stock opera that everybody knows from TV. The one with the fat lady singing in a viking helmet. This is that one, except here the fat lady swapped with the skinny one and she's now playing a tree. Yeah. Next time, I have something actually funny.

Color: "It's horrible!" "The joke?" "Yeah, but I was talking about the coloring." (Insert do-ho-ho-ho-ho here.)

Pop Culture Explained: So, what is that one stock opera then? It's called Der Ring Des Nibelungen and was parodied by Looney Tunes in the cartoon What's Opera, Doc? which might explain why everyone knows it. Incidentally, it's also the greatest cartoon of all time. (Or so they say... I think The Dover Boys of Pimento University or The Rivals of Roquefort Hall is better.) And the little guy in the comic here is modeled after Elmer Fudd, who stars in the cartoon, with his 'speaw and magic helmet'.

Fun Fact: I tried to make my own comic a few months before I made this. I removed the weirdness, and I was left with an extremely bland comic. Obviously, it didn't work. So when I started on this, I remembered to add weirdness. This is the result for now. (And yes, I worked on it. It got better.)

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