The Misadventures of Gerbil

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Ah, the 1960s! Ever a source of strange art. Must have had something to do with all the drugs.  I mean, have you ever seen one of those strange 60s-70s cartoons? Yellow Submarine, anyone? Crazy, man! I'll try to imitate that style later, but I can't even come close. It's inimitable. Furthermore: see the guy in the picture? He's actually sort of based on somebody I know. His design comes from an old economics teacher of mine, which is why his sweater is purple. The guy permanently wears purple sweaters. On another note, my faces seem to become consistent, which is good.

Fun Fact: During this story, starting from here, ? and ?! become catch phrases. I started out with none, because it sounds a bit silly when somebody keeps saying the same thing. But ? seems to fit the comic pretty well. (pronounced as m?) I think it's only been used once before, with the 'like' girl, and it'll take a while from here before I realize that it's a catch phrase. But it's really catchy, especially once you've read the Mickey Mouse comic strip serial Lost on a Desert Island, in which ? is being said 395 times. And I ought to know, because I counted every single one of them. (Quote is actually Ludwig von Drake, but I did count them all and there were exactly 395.)

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