The Misadventures of Gerbil

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Remember how I said this was supposed to be a pure black-and-white comic? Yeah, got in a bit in trouble with this one. In the end I thought it was pretty ironic, but then I later added the colors in Paint. About another thing: you know color pictures from the 40s through the 60s? They look much more colorful than what we have now. It seems like there was some kind of direct nostalgia filter in those cameras, which fits the era well. Thus this picture. And science experiments! Either something turns green or it's a baking soda volcano, it's one of those basic things that every school should touch on after a while. Especially baking soda volcanoes, who are the greatest invention since 1928 (when sliced bread was invented) if parodies are to be believed. Finally, you might note the color of Heinz' shirt is different. This is an error on my part. I don't color these things in order.

Fun Fact: The title of the picture gives you an early indication of how old this school is. Theo Roosevelt Middle-High dates back to at least 1958, something I'll elaborate on in the near future. Keep it in mind, this will become important.

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