The Misadventures of Gerbil

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As some sort of sequel to True Art is Trippy, this comic continues the art of Evan Trippier into the 1970s. I thought that making those two paintings have the same artist would make a nice continuity nod. Filling the wall was difficult, but eventually I put in the strangest and Sixtiest things I could think of. And dissonant colors, like in Trippy.

Fun Fact: I put some historical nods in as well, like the rocket ship to the moon and Woodstock. Both happened in 1969. The garbage can which says USSR was probably some kind of vague statement about the Cold War (hey - I'm not Evan Trippier, he made the painting), but it's been replaced by Oscar - who debuted on Sesame Street in 1969, being orange. Since the painting was finished in 1970, that makes all of them historically accurate - something I always strive for. If, in the future, you note that something isn't accurate, please note me: I find it very important. I strive for scientific accuracy as well, and these comics mostly are so, with one exception - the upcoming True Art is Copyrighted. How? I will, of course, explain later.

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