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Things return to (relatively) normal with this comic, in which three black holes look like Mickey Mouse. Hm. Well, better luck next time. There are a lot of things wrong with this, which are explained below. Also, Disney wins a lawsuit again nature.

Things Wrong With This Comic: The whole idea of a triple balck hole is pretty unlikely. Not to mention, they're called black holes because they're black. They suck up all light, and are therefore invisible. Three of these things existing near each other (or so, that they'd be seen as such from Earth) is a bit impossible, since they'd have to very close to each other and would either mean one bigger black hole, or some serious problems with astrophysics. Probably both. What makes it even less likely is that they would be photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope, which in real life seems to be broken all the time.

About the Triple Black Hole Guy: Remember the Double Rainbow Guy meme from a few years back? This is his space counterpart, Triple Black Hole Guy.

Fun Fact: See the duck in the lower left corner? That's Carl Banks, the first character I ever came up with. He was big in my Disney fan-fiction. Was, because I've almost left it completely to try other things - like Gerbil! Carl is in a way the predecessor of Gerbil. Both were initially based off me, but Carl is more positive, mad, resourceful and a collector of comics. Gerbil is more cynical and reserved, he spends most of his time commenting on other things.  Even though my writing wasn't by far as good when I came up with ideas for Banks comics, I still remember them fondly. They had a kind of youthful spirit that I find essential to keep in my own personality and comics.

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