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Remember the Hag? She first appeared in the September 13 comic. Known for her extremely bad cooking and moustache. See, this is one of those comics that I don't really like. I've passed the stage of making fun of people, and went on to make fun of things in general. It's a step back, but that's what this story is. Luckily, it's also shorter than the last one.

Explanation Required: There might be something here that you don't get. (Maybe you do, but I'm used to overexplaining things until my dad gets it.) The fire breather is in this comic, because the reaction you get from eating The Hag's food is worse. Also, he's actually quite competent at being a fire breather - he actually breathes fire. As we progress through this story, the exhibitions and performers will go from bad, to worse, to worst. And then.

New Format: Want to know why I made this new format? Well, necessity apparently IS the mother of invention. I needed to tell this story quickly. God knows how long it would've taken if I had done it in normal format.

About Petey Bar-None: The obvious P. T. Barnum pun is obvious. Furthermore, he's the ringmaster - the dude with the moustache. He'll appear more in this story - even full-body in the end. Also, he reminds me of the late actor John Candy - I dunno know why, he just does.

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