The Misadventures of Gerbil

Every other day Not my best comic, eh? Well, here you have it: this is the reason I came up with John and Amy. And honestly, I don't like it. I like the art and the coloring, but the writing sucks. God knows why I drew that wink at the end - I hate winks! It's completely unnatural! But I guess I had seen it in other comics, so I thought it was okay, but that's still a lame reason to do it.

Favorite Character Designs: That's the one thing I like about this comic: it introduces a favorite recurring background character design of mine. The striped-shirted/bathing-suited thickly-moustached curly-haired guy. Oddly specific, much like the Edwardian driver with a buttoned coat, leather gloves, goggles, driver's cap and a scarf.

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