The Misadventures of Gerbil

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Did I mention the circus is part freak show? Well, it is. And they can't even get that right. The title is mundane, because it was supposed to be about animals, but then I realized not all exhibits are animals. And hey, "Deep School" and Paul Aroposit return for a cameo! And imagine the flea escape as a real dramatic prison break, eh? Complete with alarms and flashlights and a moat. Yes, a moat. On a table. Don't question me.

Color: Some mistakes today. I tried making the sky grey in all pictures, but that didn't work. I forgot to erase in the upper picture. Also, it's supposed to be fall by now, but so far you've only seen green-leaved trees. That's because yellow and red trees look unnatural in Paint, so I don't do them. Here's the sole exception.

Pop Culture Referenced: That fat cat is orange for a reason. Yes, Garfield.

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