The Misadventures of Gerbil

Every other day

I like this one. It's reached a point of dryness that is just incredibly dry. I mean, it's not even a cannonball! It's a bowling ball, for Petey's sake!

About Mickey the Elephant: He's an elephant. Like, the opposite of a mouse. I HAD to call him Mickey.

Lampshade Hanging: Lampshade Hanging is an author's way of making an excuse for a bad plot point in the story, by paying attention to it. Now, the ringmaster's moustache isn't a bad plot point, but it is Lampshaded. It is drawn with marker. That's how I draw my comics.

Meme: The 'challenge accepted' face was a big gamble. I love to make references to everything, but when I drew this comic (half a year ago) 9gag was new and popular. I took a big gamble by including it here, since it could have just been a fad that died in a month, and I only publish it now. But I was lucky, it's still popular. I think. (I don't keep up with all this stuff!)

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