The Misadventures of Gerbil

Every other day

And that concludes this story. So now you know why all these characters are here, and now we can go on do other (better) things. Honestly, I don't care much about this story except for some good gags here and there, and its 'historical value'. And I seem to be improving more in my drawing and lay-outs than actual writing or funnybone skills. I need those writing and funnybone skills as well. But the excercise is part of the point of this comic series, I guess.

Color: This was one of the last ones I colored. It shows.

Pop Culture Referenced: Miss Rose wasn't supposed to be The Joker, she just became him when I messed up her lipstick. Then I was like, what the heck. And the Mickey the Elephant is wearing a fedora.

Cameos: I love cameos. Kind of fitting today, since Gerbil has run for exactly two months now. (I admit, two months is nothing. But at least it's something.)

Next Time: With Gerbil now fully integrated in his new class, the next story will be about daily life, Gerbil way. We will find out what he's up to, Meanwhile... in Fall. And a new feature, Random Statements. Stay tuned.

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