The Misadventures of Gerbil

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Introducing... the Tourist! The greatest character I ever invented! This is a preview for a future story which is all about him. But for now, here's his Random Statement. Compared to other times and places, life as we know it IS a holiday. We're just too frustrated with relatively little things to say so. Having an attitude like the Tourist keeps stress levels down to a minimum, and makes life much more enjoyable. I've never found much use in being grumpy, anyway.

Color: One of the first drawings I colored. See the skin color and the use of light green.

About the Tourist: Spoilers, mostly. I'm not going to tell you much now, just one thing. He looks like a very transparent character. You might already think you've seen through him. Ha! Everytime he appears, you'll think that. In fact... no. I won't spoil that. You'll see for yourself. He isn't any ordinary tourist. By far.

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