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Oh no... not these comics. I apologise for months of progress and a sense of humor being lost in today's comics. These were just two random characters that are also at this school and I felt I had to at least do the one gag with them so I could abondon them forever in peace. Sometimes I wonder why I even introduced these characters. It's not like I'll ever reuse them. (Then again...!) Now then... let's get this over with. Oh, and Gerbil reads. That's unusual.

About the Hairy Girl: No comment. Absolutely none. Even Gerbil is speechless.

About Mademoiselle Madeleine Beaudebelle: I specifically remember what I was thinking when I wrote this. People always say French is a beautiful language, oui? Let's not. Let's shout in French so it'll sound horrible. For extra effect, I'll make the teacher's name extremely French. It didn't work. At all. From now on, I'll stick to the German teacher, who will be introduced soon and is a bit more substantial. Here's a hint: he's called Herr Doktor Herrmann Uebel.

French, Schmench / Pop Culture Explained: There's one part of the comic that I do like: the French swearing words. They're more amusing if you know something about French pop culture. When Gerbil asks if it's actual swearing, he's Hanging a Lampshade on it. (Hint: it's not.) Jules-de-chez-Smith-en-face, for example, is a character from a Belgian-Franco comic, Gaston Lagaffe. His name would roughly translate to Jules-of-Smith's-across-the-street, which is just awesome. Gontran Bonheur and Balthasar Picsou are from the French Disney comics. You might know them as Gladstone Gander and Scrooge McDuck. Finally, Dupont is not a variant spelling of Dupond, it's Thomson. And the other one is Thompson. They're the detectives from Tintin comics. The tins in Detective Comics, to be precise.

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