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The upper comic may be a bit redundant, but it's here to make a point that will be made for the last time now: you can credibly expect anything here. (Then again, this is a webcomic. It's natural. Just so you know.) You know, I had an entire part of Meet Gerbil planned for introducing teachers. But the story was dragging, so I cut it. I tried to fit them in somewhere later, and that became this. These are not all teachers, just the ones that need to be introduced and those that are walking punchlines. Presented below.

About Vincent DaDali: Abstract character. I normally use ovals and rectangles for heads. Basically every shape, except for a triangle. There are no people with triangle heads in real life. So I gave the art teacher one. Abstract character, as I said.

About James Pond: Does he need explaining? He wears a black suit, he's called 010, he says he's in disguise. Yes. He teaches English, which he can, because he is. English. British. Well, yes, I suppose he is. Sort of.

About Victoria Byggenwyth: Well, you didn't think this school had conventional courses? She teaches kids about Steampunk, because... well, just because! There doesn't have to be a reason for everything!

About Don Vito Berlusconi: He teaches economics. Has no ties with the mafia. At all. No. Really. None.

About Basil Holmes: Behind the Don. Teaches how to be a detective. Which is useful. For y'know, stuff. Detecting things that are hard to detect. And connecting clues and stuff.

About Lucy Thomas: Teaches science. Why? For Science! (That's a reason for most things.) (Thomas comes from Thomas Edison, BTW. As I said: Science!)

About Rob Bud: Teaches math. Is perfect at it. Is not a robot. At all. Seriously. Really. (Was built For Science.)

About Mr. M: I tend to draw a lot of people with moustaches. One day I asked myself for the sake of self-parody: what is the biggest moustache:man ratio I could get away with? I tried 1:0. Please don't ask how or what he is or what the M stands for - I don't know. (Probably something having to do with Science.) Teaches Spanish, is Hispanic.

About Herrmann Übel: Being bored with the Evil German stereotype prevailing since 1914, I decided to make the German teacher one of the nicest people in the Gerbilverse. Yay! And as far as I know (but then again) Herrmann isn't an actual name, just Herman / Hermann with an extra r added for German pun-ism. His name would literally translate to English as Doctor MisterMan Horrible.

Teacher Talk: Well, what DO they talk about? Coffee prices sound close enough.

Spanish, Schmanish: After English, Japanese and German, and French, Spanish is the fifth language used in The Misadventures of Gerbil. This is the only time I'll use it tho. I don't know any Spanish (and I'm keeping it that way).

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