The Misadventures of Gerbil

Every other day

I love this one! This comic sets up the conflict in the plot, and it has some great humor. The Tourist, who is too lazy to go on vacation, camps here. In school. He even has his own little island! Yay!

Pop Culture Referenced: This one is subtle, and needs some explaining. The King of Sweden business refers to a specific incident. See, the Tourist is based on two characters from Casey and Andy, another webcomic. These characters are based on real-life people, but their personalities are fictional. They're King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, and medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri. Huh, you may think. Well, in Casey and Andy, Carl Gustaf was on the main characters' couch and did not want to leave and who orders drinks (see the comic), while Dante was a tourist in hell. Dante is the one I visually based the Tourist on. The comic also featured Grover Cleveland, the only man to be two Presidents of the United States, and Satan, his wife. It's real fun!

Loco Logo: Note that I use the logo way too often in this story. Mistake, sorry.

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