The Misadventures of Gerbil

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I wanted to use the phrase "quite, but not quite" for a while. It's one of those things I come up with and need to use. Meaning in this case "yes, it's November, but it's not THAT cold", meaning "I'm staying". I came up with Plan B while watching the cartoon Duck Amuck (Jones, 1944). Both plans aren't as long as the first one, because I wanted to keep going. (I thought I needed 3 plans at least to make it look big.) And indeed, next time is the resolution.

Extreme Widescreen: I use it whenever possible, because it just looks nice. As your eyes scan over the second comic, you understand more and more until you get it. I like the 'flow' of it. And there's the Edwardian Tourist!

Pond, James Pond: Did you know that I never watched a James Bond movie when I wrote this story? I was originally going to keep it that way, always using this character without ever watching the source material only using parodies and the internet, but alas. I've watched two of them since then. And yes, I'm implying he will return after this story. What, do you think I would introduce a character without using him/her regularly? Why, I never!

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