The Misadventures of Gerbil

Every other day

Where's one Tourist, there's bound to be more. Bit of a weak ending, but you get the point. Is this the last thing we'll ever hear from the Time Tourist? Who knows. (NOITISN'T.)

About John and his wife: No, they're not characters, they're extras with names. And they're from New York. I imagine that coming here (canonically, mid-California) is quite a trip for them. Impressive sunburn though, since it's still November, even in-story time.

Next Time: No, not yet another story. First the epilogue (whatever happened to the Tourist?), then another illustration, then a new story. (Which will appear when I have it finished.) I'll leave you to guess what the new story is about, but more than enough hints have been dropped, I think.

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