The Misadventures of Gerbil

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Wrapping things up, as you can see. As we leave the Tourist, he's still not on Hawaii. He's in fact landed in Southampton, Britain, 1912. Yes, I'm making fun of a historical tragedy here, but it's passed the 100-year mark by now. Still not as politically correct as I'd want it to be, but I'm not killing off the Tourist. He'll leave 1912 before the ship sinks, ever in search of Hawaii. The others died in Real Life as well, that's just a historical fact.

Color: Yeah, I drew the Titanic without the Titanic in mind. So I had make some other things black, which doesn't look nice. And look at the sky! It's the same color as the 'background' we've seen before.

Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey: So, why does the Tourist keep popping up in all the wrong places? Well, he hasn't fixed his helmic regulator in ages, so he just gets sent to places randomly. (The helmic regulator is a gizmo that... haven't I explained this before?) He's also too lazy to fix it. He's on vacation, remember? So we might be seeing him again soon.

Generation Xerox: I am a big fan of going back in time and meeting the ancestor of a character, who looks exactly the same as his descendant, with a period haircut. I did it with my previous characters, the Bankses, a lot. Their role was always the same, and they were always the only ducks with black hair. (In case you forgot, I mainly worked with ducks before this.) Originally, I wasn't going to do this with Gerbil Sandwich, but as you can see I did. This is Harry Sandwich, Gerbil's paternal great-great-grandfather. In other words, Gerbil with sideburns. (Who survives the Titanic disaster, BTW.)

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