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On the prehistoric planet of Biozoic, life is short, quick, and brutal. At a lightning pace, creatures of all shapes and sizes fight to stay alive. This mostly improvised and wordless comic, with a non-traditional story should appeal to fans of dinosaurs, aliens, monsters, and other creatures.

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Biozoic Sentient Species

A friend of mine keeps asking me if there will ever be a sentient species on Bizoic. At the moment I don't have any plans to, but I was sitting with a blank sketchbook in front of me, and I decided to do a sketch of what one might look like. This is what I came up with.

If I ever do do anything involving a humanoid species, it will be very primative, probably an australopithicene type thing.

UPDATE: I'm seriously sorry guys. This is the third week in a row without a real update. I'm sick right now, and a lot of shit is going on... Anyway... The rest of my comics are going to update this week, but not Biozoic. My hands are so shaky right now I can't even hold a pen.

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