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On the prehistoric planet of Biozoic, life is short, quick, and brutal. At a lightning pace, creatures of all shapes and sizes fight to stay alive. This mostly improvised and wordless comic, with a non-traditional story should appeal to fans of dinosaurs, aliens, monsters, and other creatures.

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Tyler Stafford (superfluous) says: I just read through all of your comics; I really dig your style. awesome work.
Amy Letts (amuletts) says:

Oh man I am sooo jealous of your inking.  I really suck in that area :p  This is a really great transformational sequence.

I have a webcomic if you fancy looking at it.  Epic Fail at  It's a comedic fantasy.

daniel demski (dranorter) says: Hey this is really cool! I love how you build up to these guys by showing the seeds at transitions throughout. I read on your livejournal that you started this 'final chapter' in 2006... the story is almost complete! But not quite.
Cole Stevens (caps) says: Like the previous poster, I too sat down and devoured my way through this comic. I must say, there are few other comics I have seen that are as engaging simply through artwork and nonverbal communication of animalistic tenacity and violence. Its as if Katsuhiro Otomo, H.R. Giger and every conceivable possibility of the minds of the developers of Spore are held inside your mind and given psilocybin mushrooms. Truly stunning and I hope you continue with gusto.
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