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Inspired by a lifetime of giant monster movies, action movies, anime, and comics, this comic is a mixture tongue-in-cheek parody, and deadly seriousness.

Protektor Drei is a giant alchemical monster built by an ancient culture. After sleeping for thousands of years, the creature is awoken in the year 2084 to protect the Earth once again. There's only one problem. In order to protect, it must destroy!

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Michael Beck (michaelbeck) says: Like the comic a lot -- Page 3, where the postmodern world is shown to be very small-scale in relation to the ancient monsters, was a brilliant transition.  My guess is that Protektor Drei is fueled by human souls, based on how it seemed to rip them out of the people who first found it.  How long till the next update?
Michael Beck (michaelbeck) says: Of course, very soon humanity is gonna need some protecting ...
Leeds Main (forever) says:

egg head to the rescue?

"you will eat the souls of the innocent, and you will like it, young man."

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