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Wow, it's been what? More than a year since I last updated this little comic experiment of mine?

Sorry gang, but those of you who have been keeping up with my daily events know I don't drop my comicing lightly. Thankfully it's starting to look like I'll be able to return to some form of comic activity sooner rather than later. I'vechanged the colouring technique for this comic. I hate like hell doing that mid-chapter but it takes too long to do them by watercolour and I can do them by computer faster.  Plus most of my art supplies are still in storage.

Look forward to more updates on this story in the near future. I have all the remaining pages of chapter 2 inked. Once chapter 2 is up and ready for your lettering pleasure I'm going to put this series on hold again so I can start work on Polly's Gone Home.


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