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Apophenia 357 will debute on Monday November 7th.

This is a new series by Ghastly, the creator of Ghastly's Ghastly Comic.

Apophenia is the condition where one draws connections between things which are, in reality, unconnected. Conspiracy and End Days theorists often suffer from Apophenia and it is also a common symptom of schiziophrenia. It is also often the way we learn about and interpret new things.

Each page of this comic series is drawn from the inspiration within the random sentance fragments found in spam e-mails. Using the sentance fragments I am attempting to draw a coherent continuity. The pages are then presented without text and it is then up to the reader to create their own coherent continuity based on the pictures. No two readers will get the exact same story out of Apophenia 357.

Here is an example of an actual block of spam text used to create a page or series of pages may look like, although no page has yet been drawn from this particular spam block.

who has become blind does not regain his sight; the man who has become a flying rumour that the Misses Netting all have stood Miss Shepherd had a good deal to do with that part; being entirely in the India Oh, very well, Peter said, a little nettled. Perhaps Tinker given me. All the sensitive feelings it wounded so cruelly, all

Each chapter in the series will be 30 pages. When each chapter is concluded I will then allow the readers to submit their own lettered version of what they interpret the story of Apophenia to be. These reader lettered versions will then be archived seperately on site to be shared with other readers.

Stories may be discussed in the forum at any time as discussion will have no bearing on how the story plays out since all inspiration is drawn entirely from the spam e-mails and no pages are planned ahead of time. By and large, what happens with the characters and the story events is not determined directly by me.

Given the unusual nature in which this comic is presented and the fact that much of the story is left for the reader to decide it is unlikely this comic will gather a sizable audience, however I am sure it will appeal to a certain breed of creative individual who finds entertainment in a challenge.


Your pal,
Uncle Ghastly.

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