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Updates might not regularily follow a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule from this point on. If an update comes it will come on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, but I may not be able to continue to maintain 3 updates a week. It takes a lot of time to create a page from pencils all the way to finished, coloured page (Chapter One was coloured with pencil crayons, Chapter Two is done with watercolours and pencil crayons, I think most people will agree Chapter Two looks better, but it takes much longer to colour this way).

I'll do my best to hold to three a week, but no promises. There will be no filler-art going up if I miss a day (No Dead Ghastly days, and dear god no Shirt Guy Xom days). I hope everyone has been enjoying the comic so far. Feedback on the forums and e-mail have been pretty sparse but it seems some people are enjoying it.

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