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  1. Chapter One - Cover
  2. I am not fortunate
  3. My heart was like a fire in a great chimney
  4. The waking was sad and chill
  5. Think how she runs away
  6. He screamed while still in mid air
  7. The pirate ship, she who loved
  8. Quantities have no contraries
  9. I might learn to do well in every relation of life
  10. That I might destroy him and cover
  11. Going large before the wind
  12. The nature of his altercation was embarassing
  13. There were sounds of rending timbers
  14. His white teeth flashing
  15. Less akin to here his right hand
  16. His appearance at first unremarked
  17. I would not do so in anycase to strangers
  18. Being fully in my confidence
  19. And I will remind you this
  20. His face so very mild and pleasant
  21. But as the boys gathered round her
  22. A bright taste in humiliation and ruin
  23. I don't think I see anything tonight
  24. It was not the customary time of year for that
  25. Having delivered this speech all in one breath
  26. And again by a rasping sound
  27. The present story turning on the hidden nature
  28. Quarrelling all the while
  29. Now I have found it
  30. A little girl
  31. The delusion was not wholly gone
  32. Chapter Two
  33. But was labelled Mock Turtle
  34. It is awfully puzzling
  35. Pounded with no policy
  36. It's the small happiness
  37. The bottle took me back
  38. I used to be afraid
  39. Below they prepaired
  40. You begin to recognize the gravity of your situation
  41. The old stories she loved
  42. So down they went
  43. The steady peace, satisfaction
  44. There came an understanding
  45. To the nines
  46. Longed to return, I was there
  47. It had not always been so
  48. Skittering along like a crab
  49. No, not summoned lightly to the iron and the wood
  50. Unlovely personages, dark, smoke begrimed
  51. moved this wretched fate golden sickening
  52. brought in joy before the altar
  53. Can give a countanance to lying.
  54. Much good he said bitterly
  55. Pervert into plausable self justification
  56. perhaps that he might call forth the proofs
  57. I am persuaded, not only that
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