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These are the stories of Apophenia 357 a comic created by Ghastly but written by the readers.

Apophenia 357 is drawn from the random blocks of sentance fragments commonly found within SPAM e-mail. Basically, I'm pretending those word blocks are a script coming to me from an insane writer. What I do with them is interpret them into a story and then draw the story as a comic. The continuity builds and twists based on my interpretations of the SPAM only and it is presented to the reader completely without text. The reader then creates their own continuity by interpreting my drawings. Each chapter is 30 pages (31 if you include the chapter's spash page) and after each chapter is completed I open my e-mail box to the readers to submit their version of the story so far. The reader-lettered stories will be put on display here, at Apophenia Stories.

The unlettered Apophenia 357 comic is presented at The lettered Apophenai Stories comics are presented at

When submissions are opened you can send your lettered version of the story to ghastlycomic (at) with all images archived together in a .zip file if you wish. You MUST include the password TENTACLE in the Subject: header of your email or else my anti-spam software will delete you message unread. Remember to include the name you wish your submission to be credited to as well as the URL for your webpage/webcomic you'd like your credit linked to.

You can select an author's story from the navigation pull-down below or by clicking on the Table Of Contents tab at the top of the page and then selecting the author whose vision you wish to read.


Addendum: Feb. 6th 2006 I recently received an e-mail from a reader in Japan who stated he did not speak english very well and wanted to know if he could submit his lettered version in his native language instead. The answer of course, is yes! If you wish to submit your lettered version in your native language please feel free to do so. If you can submit it in english as well you may do that too, if not then perhaps another reader will be able to submitt a translated version of your story in english.

If you are going to submit a non-english version of your story please let me know what language it is in.

Also, if you are going to e-mail me please try to do so in english. Even though I am Canadian I do not really speak french well at all and even though I studied Japanese in university it has been about 7 years since I spoke it with any regularity and I have forgotten almost all the kanji I learned so it takes me a long time with the kanji dictionary trying to translate it into english.

To view the original unlettered story visit APOPHENIA 357.
To see a simple tutorial on how to letter the comic yourself visit Ghastly's Lettering Tutorial.