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There is no update schedule. Things go up when they go up.
Welcome to Uncle Ghastly's Random Crapfest! This is why I really love being on Webcomics Nation. I can start as many series as I want quickly and easily which gives me the freedom to set up a non-series like this. What I'll be doing with this space is showing random doodles, one-shot comics, conceptual comic art, and guest comics I have drawn for other comic artists. Basically random crap. Stuff I can put up without the need for continuity, or even quality. What it is, is just what it is baby.

This was a test page I did before I did my first 24 hour comic which was Polly Vs. Tentacle Monster.

With a 24 hour comic you've only got an average of an hour a page to get the work done. I wanted to see if I could get a watercoloured page done in an hour and not have it look like complete and utter crap. This was my test page which I rushed through in just under 45 minutes.

In the end I went with pencil crayons. which was even faster because as the 24 hours wore on I became slower and slower and sloppier and sloppier.

Interesting note: The giant robot Polly fights in this test strip is the same giant robot (only smaller) that Polly pilots in the actual 24 hour comic. I liked the kind of creepy design of the robot and kept it. A more refined version of this robot might actually make an appearance in the series Polly's Gone Home once I get that series up and running.